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Medical Practices & Clinic / Health

20 years of experience with the design and realisation of spaces for medical services enable us to plan facilities for patients and staff with optimized working processes in high quality surroundings. Creative planning with a focus on the client´s needs ensures the fulfilment of all technical requirements and the creation of original interior design concepts. With intelligent and dedicated planning, difficult initial situations are no obstacle for the achievement of  great results.

Portfolio Medical Practice & Clinic

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The wishes and needs of our clients are the basis for all our planning. We want to design buildings and spaces to feel at home at. Differentiated zoning according to the daily activities, a lighting design that supports the perception of shapes and colors, ecological and cost-conscious planning. All these topics are important components of our work.

Portfolio Living

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Offices spaces are not only workplaces, but represent a company´s corporate culture. Functionality, high quality workplaces and a positive perception of a company´s philosophy are parts of the design concepts for our projects.  The employment of ecological building materials with ecological and cost conscious planning are a natural consequence. The consequence of high quality workplaces are high quality results.

Portfolio Office

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Retail Design / Gastronomy / Brand Design

Architecture and interior design give shape to a company´s identity and supports the presentation of goods and services. It is one part of a brand´s essence. With the coaction of the interior design, materials, colors, the design of the exterior and the light design authenticity, typical for a company or a brand is created. To succeed in the realisation of inviting sales areas, inspiring product presentation and high-quality interiors is our main ambition.

Portfolio Retail Design & Gastronomy

As a team of architects, interior designers and designers we work on projects with various specifications and requirements. An intensive and absolute examination of the present tasks is of fundamental importance to us.

Complete concepts including architecture and interior design for offices, medical practices and private homes are our main objectives. We think and plan innovation, efficiency and ecology.